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Wood is the most universal material for building fences and if you can imagine it, we can install it. Our top of the line wood fence material exceeds the quality of many do-it-yourself locations and can be custom built to meet your needs.

One of our premium fencing materials is a 7/8″ thick kiln dried and heat treated cedar panel. This process reduces moisture, thus preventing warping, cracking and splits. The heat-treating process eliminates risks from insects preventing rot and decay. Overall, our cedar fence will stand the test of time and give you a longer lasting product, with minimal maintenance needed.

We install many different wood fencing styles, such as picket, privacy, and farm wood fence.  A wood fence can add style and character to your business or home. They accept stain or paint well, which comes in many different colors adding a unique or traditional look. A wood fence weathers naturally and provides security, defines boundaries, protects property, helps control noise, and wind.

We have many wood fence options available to fit your budget and security needs.  DO IT YOURSELF or have American Fence professionally install your new wood fence.

If you are trying to pick between western red cedar or white wood (Spruce) then here are a couple factors. The western red cedar is lighter at 23 (lb/ft3). Where as the white wood (spruce) could be anywhere from 25-44 (lb/ft3). Thus creating a heavier fence and more prone to the fence post bending when windy. Not only that but the western red cedar is a hardier wood and will last longer.

We offer a 5/8” thick picket or a 7/8” picket. The benefit of the 7/8th” picket is that it will take longer to rot. However you will need a thicker steel post and perhaps even bigger holes with more concrete to ensure stability.

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